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About Us

Abundant C&P is a specialty office of Abundant Life Concierge that assists Veterans in applying for Compensation and Pension benefits. We offer Consultation, education about the C&P process, Medical Records Review, DBQ & Nexus Letter Completion, Review of decision letters and appeal or remand requests, handicap placards or license plates, and more. 

  • We are NOT associated directly with the VA and cannot access VA records directly unless they are sent by the Veteran directly.
  • We are NOT a Veteran’s Service Organization and cannot upload or file claims, however we can refer to local VSOs in you area.
  • We are NOT a “DBQ mill” as we are a medical office that completes full assessments and examinations necessary for a through and accurate VA examination and C&P claim.
  • We are NOT a contracted company that works directly for the VA like LHI, QTC, or VES, our requests for claims come directly from the Veteran themselves which gives us some freedom and leeway in actually helping Veterans with doing the correct claims necessary to maximize their rating.

About Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards, D.O.

Dr. Nicole is a board certified family medicine physician with over 13 years experience in clinical medicine including full gamut family medicine scope of practice to include diagnosis, treatment, and assessment.

She worked for the Veteran’s Administration from 2012-2019 as a Compensation & Pension Gen Med Examiner and became well-versed in Veteran’s Disability Claims, examinations, and Nexus Opinions.

She has continued to do assessments, examination and Nexus Statements for Veteran patients in her private civilian clinical practice Abundant Life Concierge Medicine, LLC.

She is an expert in the field of Veteran’s Disability Claims, and Veteran’s Healthcare as a Subspecialty.

She is highly sought after by Law professionals and Veterans Service Organizations for her expertise, complete medical assessments, Nexus letters, and medical rationales as she is an expert in both the medical and legal verbiage and knowledge needed to maximize Veteran’s Disability and C&P claims.

Choosing to serve your country in the military is a noble occupation. However, the sad truth is that Veterans often find it difficult to get the support they need after leaving the service. This is especially true when it comes to their medical care and putting in claims for disability benefits from the VA.

Veterans frequently aren’t given any guidance in how to navigate this process, resulting in delays and denials, until after years of effort, it’s tempting to simply give up. But you deserve your benefits, and if you were injured in the service, you deserve to be compensated accordingly.

In Navigating Choppy Waters: A Basic Training Guide to Understanding and Maximizing Veterans’ Disability Claims, Dr. Nicole Edwards skillfully explains the compensation and pension process, the different types of claims, how to appeal, and more. Learn what you need to know to successfully claim your benefits.

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