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Our administrative and clinical team is here to help you through the Veteran’s disability claims process

Services that require an appointment

DBQ & Nexus Statements​

we require 15-minute virtual consultation to discuss one (1) DBQ you would like to complete. Oftentimes, you may already be at the max rating, or want to put in a claim that has a low likelihood of being accepted. This consultation will help us determine eligibility and formulate a plan to maximize your service connection percentage when you file.

Disclaimer: No service treatment records or current medical records will be reviewed during this visit.

VA C&P Decision Letter Review

for a ratings/decision letter review to see what why you were denied for a claim or why you got the rating percentage given by the regional office. This can help you formulate a plan on what claims to file next to maximize your service connection percentage.

Disclaimer: No service treatment records or current medical records will be reviewed during this visit.

VA Decision Rebuttal Supplemental Claim Writeup

Have you been denied or given a lower rating for your claim than you qualify for (based on the qualifications listed in the decision letter for that claim)? After you have done a decision letter review with Dr. Edwards and she determines that you DO MEET CRITERIA for a higher rating , schedule this appointment to have her write a rebuttal letter based on your record review (to include prior DBQs, decision letters, and medical records) for you to file a supplemental appeal.

Road to 100%

We will review your current rating sheet, decision/denial letters to explain reasonings for current ratings and denials, and give recommendations for other possible claims to help you get your max rating.

Rating Review

And if an increase is possible after disability. Let us do a current rating review to determine if you are at the max rating for your already connected disability.

Military Record Review

We will review your military and current medical records meticulously to see what medical conditions are listed so that you can claim the appropriate service connections. Your medical records will be tabbed by condition on each page and we will provide you with a list of your conditions. Final fee is based on the number of pages you need us to review.

Form and Correspondence

Do you need a letter written or forms completed? I can review your medical records (records can be uploaded to my HIPAA compliant portal) and write your letter or correspondence. Examples: letters to break contracts for gym membership, letter certifying medical conditions and prognosis, medical forms for loan deferment, etc.

(833) 434-LIFE (5433)
ext. 2

Service that do not require an appointment

Disabled Veteran Handicap Placard & License Plate Application Completion

Are you a disabled veteran that wants a handicap placard or License Plate? You can upload a copy of your Ratings sheet proving that you are service connected or disabled for me to review, and I will complete the handicap placard/license plate form and provide the prescription needed.
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